How To Get The Best Tattoo – 11 Tips

11 tips on how to get the best tattoo, especially your first tattoo.

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33 thoughts on “How To Get The Best Tattoo – 11 Tips

  1. Such great tips, genuinely. I had to wait well over a year (close to two years) to get in with the tattoo artist I was coveting, and it was well worth the wait. Also, kudos on the quality of this video! Keep 'em coming.

  2. Regarding number 7: how long after being on antibiotics or other medications would you suggest to wait before getting a tattoo? I've done a bit of research into it but can't really find a specific answer – and I've also seen mixed information as far as getting tattoos while on antibiotics.


  3. Hugely helpful information. I haven't committed to any artwork as yet but I've been with friends who were either ideal clients or cringey embarrassing to be with while at their appointment. Dream appointment would be with Vyvyn Lazonga, I think🤔 Really enjoying your videos!

  4. I have a mistake on my tattoo 🙁 Mine is my husband's work boots & post hole digger (he was a fence guy for 28 yrs), his name is his handwriting and out song "What Love Can Be", except artist wrote "What Love Can DO." Nervous it will look worse if I try to fix, and only I know the mistake. My fault I didn't check the picture he drew better, but in my defense I was a sudden widow barely in shock and functioning.

  5. I wish you were close enough to book. Ive been looking for the right artist forever. I finally found one and she will only do a whole sleeve not just 1 tat.

  6. Im embarrassed by my chunkiness. It would be hard for me to decide a good place to get a tattoo because I don’t love showing many features of my body. this seems like a dumb question but sometimes things can be deceiving. If I were to get say a mandala on my arm would that be more likely to camouflage my chunky arms even though it would draw attention to them or would it highlight that my arms are chunky and draw attention to the fact that they’re chunky? I know we’re all supposed to be comfortable in our own skin and love our bodies because we are all beautiful but I’m just curious what’s a good place to get a tattoo if you have insecurities? and how much do I need to think about if I gain or lose weight. Hopefully lose weight specially after you inspire me with your workout routine wink 😉 I thought I would ask you since I would likely never have the courage to actually bring it up in real life while consulting with an artist. Thanks for the advice.

  7. Great tips & I'm a big fan of feeling well rested, healthy & knowing I have time after a tattoo as well, to make sure everything goes well. No mud slugging the weekend after 😂

  8. Great tips. When I got my first tattoo, the artist would not even stencil me until I drank a whole can of soda because I only had a small breakfast beforehand. I remembered that for the next one for sure.

  9. My son was 15 when he came home with his name first and last name tattoo on his arm. It was not small eaither. It was a bad one as it was done by a friend of a friend at his home.. he lived with that tattoo untill he was able to get a cover up. It was about 12 years. The artist that did a cover-up did a fantastic job now he's got a whole sleeve on that arm. It was a hard lesson for him to learn about tattoo. And he's only got like 4

  10. Hey, love the ideas, my wife and I love Jen, I wanted to ask if you do clean ups of old tattoos and if u could a video of a process of cleaning one up..I’ve got one about 18 old and not sure what could be done to make it look better.

  11. Excellent advice for a first (or 50th) tattoo. So many are too focused on what friends and family think but each experience is different. That being said, on my otger channel, I (MisKandi) did a video on pricing. Let me know if you agree.

  12. Seriously great tips. I wanted to get my first one for well over ten years before I finally worked it all out. The day I got it done I was so nervous and I thought for sure it was going to hurt so bad. I kind of went into this nervous silent state because I was so scared. I was probably as white as a ghost, but it really wasn't that bad. After a bit I was so relaxed I was close to a nap. I had a couple friends with me that thought I was going to need some casual distraction but they ended up chatting with another woman who was struggling with a rather large leg piece once they saw I was just fine.

  13. So glad that you are doing videos! I love your wife's videos and was happy to see that you were doing one. I think these tips are awesome, I have 6 (mostly large) tattoo's but I use to work in an industry where I could have any showing and so they are all covered unless in a swim suit. I waited for two years before finding an artist who was able to create a custom piece and capture what I wanted! I can't wait to see what else you come out with!!

  14. Thanks for the video, man !! I'll explore your channel a bit more to get my decision more straight forward and prepare for the time it's coming. Any tips on amount of pain (especially in the upper arm- / chest- / shoulder-area) ? That would be awesome <3 !!

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