Ask a Tattoo Artist. Apprenticeship, Tipping, Touch-Ups… 001

Q&A TIME! How did I start tattooing and what inspired me to open my own tattoo studio? Should you design your own tattoo? Do tattoo artists appreciate tips? How often should tattoos be touched up? What drawing program do I use to make mandalas and geometric art?
Watch me draw while I answer some of the questions that I have received in the comments.

Have your own question? Drop it in the comments below and I’ll try my best to get you answers! Can be anything related to tattoos, lifestyle, business, health/fitness…

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40 thoughts on “Ask a Tattoo Artist. Apprenticeship, Tipping, Touch-Ups… 001

  1. Very informative video! I have a question… I have a tattoo that I want either covered up or maybe restyled into something else. How would I approach an artist about possible ideas? I got the tattoo when I was young and really just dumb. So there was no thought into what I was getting.

  2. I have a flower on my hip (black and white) but ive been thinking I wanna add to it (more flowers of course 😀) . The artist who did it lives in cali and I live in Oregon.
    How do artists feel about "building" on an existing tattoo?

  3. Yay! Nicely done! Ok… I used to be a massage therapist, so a lot of service professions have that same "sink or swim" feeling upon their first client(s), despite having practiced and perfected as much as possible. Every client is different, so that's always a humbling aspect (to the caring ones). In any case, my question, should you use in a future video, is… Since every aspect of being comfortable is subjective, being an artist who's been worked on by various artists, in searcbing for someone to trust, what is Your number 1 rule for comfort & Your number 1 red flag? They can be from experiences, or stories of others you've decided to take notes from. Have a great rest of your week. Much love and big hugs to you and the family! Not like you know me. Lol

  4. The thing about color is so true. A friend has one in her ankle that’s about 30 years old and the color is as vibrant, almost as if it’s new. Has never had it retouched. Done at Jack&Diane’s in Gulfport, MS.

  5. Your videos and information is really incredible. I was not into tattoos until I came to your channel. Have never gotten a tattoo but now I’m thinking about it. Do you have advice for newbies ? Thank you so much for your videos and information.

  6. Thanks for the info on tipping! I always wonder about that.

    I do have a question (for anyone really who knows). I’m fair-skinned and want to get a tattoo on my inner forearm in white ink. Would that be a bad idea or even worth it??

  7. Love the mandala/lotus. Just had one done actually. I love that you explained about black/grey color tattoos, but I also think some artists try to sway customers if one or the other is their own jam. I actually see two artists in the same studio, one for color work, she's amazing & one for black/grey. They're both totally on board with that, it's their preferred jam, although both do all tattoos really well.

  8. I have 2 tattoos that are red,green wven some yellow. They are both roses. One is on my arm down by my wrist. I do use spf on that one i.n the summer. They are still as bright as they were when they were done. That was 4 years ago for my last one. I want to do another one soon. I am 56 lol

  9. I love Jen and I have been a big fan of hers for years now. I heard that you started your own channel and I have to say wonderful job. I love your art it really is amazing!!!! I cant wait to see more!!!

  10. Thank you for sharing, much appreciated! I have a quick question, I was wondering what machine you use for line work or if you have any tips on getting that down? I’m an apprentice at the moment and got black and grey down fairly well but I’m still struggling a bit on line work.

  11. Lastly, in your studio, do you have a designated person that focuses on portraits or does everyone there do them? I know I’ve been to places where there r only specific ppl who do them…. thnxxx

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